Bali and Hotel Tugu Bali

Sergio Capparelli

San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy


The weary traveler arriving at his destination does not like a hotel with no ties to the environment that surrounds it. He also prefers a hotel that respects the cultural and economic context where it is located.
Bali, of course, represents the sea, with its large spaces, but also restraint and religiosity. Bali is a mystery, but also revelation. Landscape, but also movement. Popular culture, but also cosmopolitan values. And somehow, the Hotel Tugu Bali is a synthesis of all this.


The hotel has alleys and corridors with the face of traditional Bali, but also it shows sophisticated restaurants and a competent staff.
The apartments are decorated in authentic Balinese culture, but guests enjoy the comfort and amenities with international class hotels.

On my return to Italy, some friends asked me three adjectives to describe my experience as a guest in Bali. I did not think too long: "Bali is a sophisticated place, deeply rooted in culture and tradition of the region". Then, they asked me about the hotel. I replied: "The Tugu is a sophisticated hotel , deeply rooted in culture and tradition of Bali."

The island of Bali and Tugu Hotel were both a wonderful experience.

Sérgio Capparelli and Maria Alice in a cooking class, Hotel Tugu Bali